Gregory Sampson

ITC Switzerland

Gregory Sampson, from the International Trade Centre (ITC) will give a general lecture about the State of Sustainable Markets 2018: STATISTICS AND EMERGING TREND. He will then present the Sustainability Map. This is a new online gateway which offers users access to wide-ranging information related to sustainability initiatives and standards, allowing businesses to deploy better sustainability practices in international trade. Moreover, Sustainability Map enables users, regardless of their position in the local, regional or international value chain, to gain a better understanding of the sustainability standards that are relevant to their export markets, and to connect with business partners.

The main beneficiaries of the platform include micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and international buyers. It is also an extremely useful tool for public-sector officials who need to understand how sustainable production and consumption trends affect the competitiveness of their key sectors and domestic exporters.

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