Ed Turner

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Edgar Turner, will be presenting the new RERTA project, RERTA aims to define the most appropriate technical way for plantation companies to restore the ecological functions of riparian area during oil palm replanting. The RERTA project is financially supported by ICOPE, and the design of the study has been approved by RSPO.

Ed is a lecturer, as well as a conservation scientist at the University of Cambridge. He looks at research strategies that could be employed to conserve species diversity and healthy ecosystem functioning in both tropical and temperate ecosystems.

In Riau, Indonesia, he works with the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture (BEFTA) Programme that he developped several years ago in collaboration with SMARTRI. BEFTA Programme investigates management strategies to increase biodiversity in oil palm plantations without impacting yield. In Sabah, Malaysia he works with the Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) Project to experimentally investigate the impacts of rainforest fragmentation and conversion to agriculture on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Ed is a familiar faceat ICOPE.

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