Proceeding ICOPE 2010

Publications 13, Jan 2011

Implementation of RSPO P&C for Smallholders in Indonesia
By : Aryo Gustomo-Auditor of Mutuagung Lestari

The Utility of Flux Observations for Measuring the Environmental Impact of Oil Palm Plantations
By : Jason Beringer, Ray Leuning, Helen A.Cleugh, Lindsay B Hutley,Stefan Arndt and Stephen Livesley-School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University,CSIRO Atmospheric Research Australia, Tropical Savanna CRC and School of Science and Primary Industries,Charles Darwin University Australia, Dept.of Forest and Ecosystem Science, The University of Melbourne ustralia

Building Trust, Governance and Integrity in GHG Accounting and Overcoming Issues
By : Chan Kook Weng, Ahmad Kushairi and Mohd Basri Wahid Malaysian Palm Oil Board, No. 6 Persiaran Institusi, Bandar Baru Bangi 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

HCV and the RSPO: Challenges for the High Conservation Value approach to Mitigate Biodiversity Losses in Oil Palm
By : Gary D. Paoli, PhD-Daemeter Consulting

An Assessment Tool and Integrated Index for Sustainable Oil Palm Production
By : Geraldo S. Rodrigues, Aude Verwilghen, Rudy H. Widodo,Pujianto and J.P. Caliman-Embrapa Environment, CIRAD,UPR Syst?mes de P?rennes, Montpellier F-34398 France, SMARTRI-Team Indonesia

Ecosystem Based Spatial Planning As a Guide for the Precautionary Approach to Conservation of HCV Areas in Sumatra
By : Ir. Hermien Roosita, M.M. and Barano Siswa Sulistywan, M.Si., – Deputy I of Environmental Ministerial and WWF Indonesia

Environmental Issues of Expanding Oil Palm Production in Forest Areas
By : Prof. Jeff Sayer-Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences, James Cook University

Floral Biodiversity in Established Oil Palm Plantation
By : Jean P. Caliman, David Combaz, Julie Wohlfahrt, Dedi Purnomo and A. Verwilghen-SMART Research Institute Indonesia, CIRAD 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5. France

ISOM-Palm: An Indicator of Soil Quality and Soil Carbon Fixation Trend
By : Jean P. Caliman, M. Piercy Gatineau, Pujianto and P. Girardin – SMART Research Institute Indonesia, La Gasse 78 Lapoutroie 68650 France

Estimating Carbon Footprint from Biofuel Production in Oil Palm: Methodology and Results from Two Sites in Indonesia
By : Meine Van Noordwijk, Sonya Dewi, Ni?matul Khasanah, Andree Ekadinata, Subekti Rahayu, Jean P. Caliman, Mukesh Sharma and Rosediana Suharto-World Agroforestry Centre, ICRAF, Southeast Asia, Indonesia,SMART Research Institute Indonesia, Asian Agri, Indonesia,Indonesia Palm Oil Commission

The Greenhouse Gas Savings Challenges and Potential of Malaysian Palm Oil ? from a Life Cycle Assessment Perspective
By : Ng, FY, Yew, FK, Sundram, K and Yusof Basiron-Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)

Oil Palm Smallholder Sector in Africa: The Cameroon Case
By : Georges Ngando Ebongue-Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), Cameroon

A Role for Biotechnologies in the Improvement of Oil Palm Sustainability
By : Alain Rival and Estelle Jaligot-Cirad Biological Systems, Montpellier Cedex5, France

Changes in Organic Carbon and Other Chemical Characteristics of an Ultisol after Conversion of a Jungle to an Oil Palm Plantation on a Hilly Terrain
By : Rosenani A. B., Mohd. Sabri H., Zauyah S. D. and Fauziah C. I.- Department of Land Management, Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Bioconversion of PKM as a Business Symbiosis with Palm Oil Industry: A Modern Industrial Ecologist Approach
By : S. Hem, P. Talamond, Slembrouck, M. Larue, Maskur, F. Rini, Supriyadi, S. Wayan and A. Wisnu, J.- IRD Research Institute for Development France, Department Kelautan dan Perikanan, Indonesia

Smallholder Environmental Practice in Oil Palm in Indonesia
By : Asril Darussamin – RSPO Indonesia Licensing Organisation, Indonesia

Strengthening the Capacity of the Palm Oil Industry to Mitigate its Impact on Biodiversity
By : Sophie Persey and Syahrial Anhar-Zoological Society of London


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