Proceeding ICOPE 2007

Publications 06, Oct 2009

Keynote speech Test
By : Minister of Agriculture Test

Indonesia Palm Oil Develpment
By : Minister of Agriculture

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil: Delivering on a promise
By : Jan Kees Vis – President of RSPO

Landscape ecology as a contribution to sustainable agriculture projects
By : Patrick Giraudoux – University of Franche – Comte

Toward Improved Use of The HCVF Framework to Guide Responsible Development of Oil Palm in Indonesia
By : Gary Paoli – HCV Working Group

INDIGO® Palm Method Based on Agro-Ecological Indicators to Assess The Environmental Sustainability of Oil Palm Plantation
By : Philippe Girardin – French National Research Institute for Agronomy

Environment Economics of Climate Change and Palm-Oil Base Biofuel
By : Bayu Krisnamurthi – Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affair

Treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent by Anaerobic Ponds in PT SMART Plants, Indonesia
By : Jean Luc Farinet, Laurent Corcodel, Fahri Aries Siregar, Ety Testiati, Jean Pierre Caliman, Jean Marc Noel

Green Ologbo, an example of action research for an integrated project in sustainable oil palm production
By : Aude Verwilghen – CIRAD

Climate Change, Deforestation and the Role of Sustainable Palm Oil
By : Fitrian Ardiansyah – WWF Indonesia


New Palm Oil Mill Processes and the Impact on EFB and POME Utilization
By : F. Schuchardt, K. Wulfert, D. Darnoko, T. Herawan

The Cultivation Of Vetiver Grass As Soil Bunds For The Prevention Of Soil Erosion In Mature Oil Palm Areas
By : Johan Suharmoko, Sri Indarto, Heru S.B. and Mubarak Ahmad

Production of High Calorific Solid Fuel from Empty Fruit Bunch of Oil Palm by Hydrothermal Treatment
By : Tsuyoshi Hirajima, Moriyasu Nonaka, Jumpei Yabuki and Keiko Sasaki

Organic Matter Resources Available In The Oil Palm Industry and The Environment
By : Napoleon O. Aisueni

Global Warming and Its Effects on Soil Respiration and Carbon Budget of the Oil Palm Ecosystem
By : Emmanuelle Lamade, Eko Setiyo, and Sandrine Barthod

Bioconversion: A Natural Process of Particular Interest for the Development of Aquaculture in Indonesia.
By : Saurin Hem, Melta Rini, Chumaidi, Maskur, Ahmad Hadadi, Supriyadi, Ediwarman, Michael Larue and Laurent Pouyaud

Implementation of Integrated Pest Management in Sinar Mas Oil Palm Plantation
By : Sudharto Ps, Achmad Wahyu Sulistyanto and Lasiman Pane

Isolation and Identification of Virus from Setothosea asigna (Limacodidae; Lepidoptera) Larvae from Oil Palm Plantation in South Sumatera, Indonesia
By : Maria Sugiharti, Yulia Pujiastuti, Hisanori Bando

Oil Palm & Orangutans
By : Helen Buckland

CDM Palm Oil Projects
By : DEG

Biogas & CER (Carbon Credit) in Oil Palm Mills in Latin America
By : Philippe Conil

Background and Reference Values of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soils of Tirana Region, Albania
By : F. Gjoka, P. Felix – Henningsen, Hans-R. Wegener


Carbon Budget in an Oil Palm Agroecosystem on Deep Tropical Peat
By : Lulie Melling, Kah Joo Goh, Constance Beauvais and Ryusuke Hatano

Governing through standards. Standardization devices in the governance of sustainable development
By : M Djama – CIRAD

The Contribution of Regulation, Standards and Norms to Sustainable Development of Oil Palm Business
By : Chan Kook Weng – MPOB

Reducing carbon emissions from Indonesia’s oil palm sector
By : Anne Casson – World Bank

Management of oil palm on sandy soils in Central Kalimantan
By : S. Paramananthan – Param Agricultural Soil Survey Sdn. Bhd

Can oil palm play a role in mammal conservation?
By : T. Maddox – Zoological Society of London

A review of Potentially Beneficial Reptile, Bird and Mammal Species in Oil Palm Plantations
By : L.P. Koh and L.T. Gan – Princeton Univ / Musimas

Impact of legume covers and palm chips on soil nutrient losses in oil palm replants
By : Arif Sugandi – AAR

Recovery Rates of Nitrogen Fertiliser Applied on Peat Soils in Differing Soil Characteristics and Landuse
By : Benito Heru Purwanto – UGM / Yamagata Univ.

Detection of Genetic Resistance to Anticoagulant in Rats Using Molecular Technique and Its Implications in Rodent Control in Oil Palm Plantations
By : Romain Lasseur – LIPHATECH

Greenhouse gas emission from oil palm on tropical peat land
By : Lulie Melling

Challenge to climate change in Malaysian palm oil industry
By : Minato Wakisaka – Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Releasing value streams through CDM methane capture project
By : Jason Yapp – AES AgriVerde

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