APSIM Oil Palm Training Workshop
Posted November 24' 2014 | 07.11

Participants will be scientists and technical advisors working in the oil palm industry. The trainer will be Dr Neil Huth, CSIRO, principal developer of the APSIM Oil Palm module His contact details are below. If you are interested in participating but haven't yet contacted Paul Nelson (contact details also below), please do so as soon as possible. Numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 20, with places allocated on a first‐come first‐served basis.

List of participants:

1. Dr Cecile Bessou (CIRAD, France)
2. Mr Jean Ollivier (CIRAD, France)
3. Mr Lenaic Pardon (CIRAD/AgroParisTech, France)
4. Dr Neil Huth (CSIRO, Australia)
5. Dr Mike Webb (CSIRO, Australia)
6. Mr Tony Webster (CSIRO, Australia)
7. Ms Ni'matul Khasanah (ICRAF/Wageningen Uni, Indonesia/The Netherlands)
8. Ms Nuzul Hijri Darlan (IOPRI, Indonesia) 
9. Mr Eko Novandy Ginting (IOPRI, Indonesia) 
10. Mr Eka Listia (IOPRI, Indonesia) 
11. Mr M. Arif Yusuf (IOPRI, Indonesia) 
12. Dr Paul Nelson (James Cook University, Australia)
13. Dr Jose Alvaro Cristancho (Mejisulfatos, Colombia)
14. Mr Andres Molina (Mejisulfatos, Colombia)
15. Mr Edi Iswanto Wiloso (PPK/Leiden Uni, Indonesia/The Netherlands)
16. Dr Jean-Pierre Caliman (Smartri, Indonesia) 
17. Mr Medi Darminto (Smartri, Indonesia) 
18. Mr Rudi Harto (Smartri, Indonesia) 
19. Mr Hartono (Smartri, Indonesia) 
20. Mr Pujianto (Smartri, Indonesia) 
21. Mr Suhardi (Smartri, Indonesia) 
22. Mr Edison Sihombing (Socfindo, Indonesia) 
23. Mr Erwanda Surya (Socfindo, Indonesia) 
24. Ms Lotte Woittiez (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
25. Dr Nurhussen (Golden Veroleum, Liberia)