Sustainable management of soils under oil palm plantings
Posted November 02' 2013 | 03.11

Programme of the Workshop on Sustainable Management of Soil Fertility under Oil Palms

Thursday 7/11/2013
Start  Min. Speaker Topic
9:00  30   Registration, coffee
9:30  20 Dr Darmosarkoro & organisers Welcome, workshop background and aims
      Soil types and properties

9:50  20 Param Soil properties and their influence on oil palm management and yield
10:10  20 Edy Sigit Sutarta Soil management issues for oil palm in Indonesia
10:30  20 Fahmuddin Agus Peat soil properties and management implications
10:50  20 Nuzul Hijri Darlan & Heri Santoso Oil palm plantations at high altitude
11:10  20   Morning tea
      Water and nutrient cycling

11:30  20 Bruno Lidon Water and drainage management
11:50  20 Khalid Haron Sustainable nutrient management in oil palm ecosystem
12:10  20 Jean Olivier Some key points on palm nutrition diagnosis
12:30  20 Noto Prabowo K and Mg retention and losses, as affected by soil type and other site factors
12:50  20 Pujianto & Ribka Nutrient flows through and from the soil
13:10  50   Lunch
14:00  20 Steven Nake K fixation and release: effects of management under oil palm
      Effects of organic residues

14:20  20 Herve Aholoukpe Soil properties are affected by management of pruned fronds in palm plantations of smallholders in Western Africa
14:40  20 Jean-Pierre Caliman Impacts of by-product recycling on soil
15:00  20 Hsiao-Hang Tao Decomposition and effects of EFB on soil quality
15:20  20 Didier Snoeck Impacts of practices on the comprehensive fertility of soil under oil palm
15:40  20   Afternoon tea
16:00  20 Jose Cristancho Effect of soil properties and nutrition on oil palm and diseases
      Biogeochemical processes

16:20  20 Iain Goodrick Soil carbon cycling following conversion of grassland to oil palm
16:40  20 Mike Webb Soil acidification processes and indicators
17:00  20 Murom Banabas Influence of nitrogen fertiliser on soil acidification
Friday 8/11/2013
      Biological processes

8:30  20 Christophe Jourdan Development and dynamics of oil palm root systems
8:50  20 Didier Lesueur Role of microbial communities in fertility of soil of perennial tropical plantations: potentialities for oil palm plantations
9:10  20 Dedi Purnomo Plant diversity in oil palm plantations: effects of soil type and fertiliser management
Modelling, monitoring and assessment

9:30  20 Mike Webb Understanding soil processes using an agricultural system model
9:50  20 Cecile Bessou & Raphael Marichal A synthesis of approaches for quantifying sustainability of soil management
10:10  20 Paul Nelson Quantifying trends in soil fertility: practical challenges and approaches
10:30  20   Morning tea

10:50  20   Discussion

Opportunity to discuss important soil-related topics not covered in talks

      Synthesis paper

11:10  10 Paul Nelson Framework for synthesis paper
11:20  60 Open Discussion/contributions to synthesis paper
12:20  50   Lunch
Future collaboration

13:10  10 Open Opportunity for organisations to outline  soil-related research plans
13:20  10 Jean-Pierre Caliman SMARTRI proposal for a collaborative project
13:30  10 Cecile Bessou Palminet palm indicators network. The next step!
13:40  50 Open Discussion of possible collaborative research plans
14:30  20   Afternoon tea
Production of guidelines

14:50  10 Paul Nelson An example: Guidelines for smallholder growers in Papua New Guinea
15:00  20 Open Discussion of possible production of such guidelines


15:20  10 Mike Webb Summary of resolutions
15:30  5 Jean-Pierre Caliman Closing