The ICOPE-SERIES are specially organised programmes aimed at promoting and supporting sustainable palm oil production. These programmes encompass the organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops and also the implementation of research and development projects and training which are carried out either in-house or outsourced to other institutions with the right credentials and expertise.

We believe that the association among three partners, PT SMART Tbk (a leader in commercial palm oil production in the world), WWF (an environmental NGO in Indonesia), and CIRAD (an international research organisation in France), will promote and encourage constructive and efficient actions towards the successful realisation of the objectives of this project.

The ICOPE Conferences aims to highlight environmental issues and share experience on possible solutions and resources not only for the benefit of the environment, but also for the industry itself.

Environmental related issues are highlighted and discussed in these forums. As a follow-up from these constructive discussions, the three partners will organize more seminars, research programmes and training or workshops to address specific topics or issues raised in the forums.

The ICOPE Seminars will be organized on specific topics raised during the ICOPE conference or on important and pressing issues identified by the three partners. The objective is to explore further on these specific topics and translate these discussions into appropriate research programmes. Participation in these research and development programmes will be open to participants of these seminars who must also possess the appropriate expertise to deal with issues identified.

The ICOPE Workshops aim at formulating projects from issues highlighted in the ICOPE conference and seminars and thereafter, to monitor the implementation of these projects. The participants of the workshop will be the participants to the project; however, external experts could also be invited when deemed necessary.

The ICOPE Projects aim at developing and implementing projects arising from issues discussed during the ICOPE conference and seminars. Projects under the initiative of one of the partners could also be accepted if all partners are agreed.

The ICOPE Publication will help in disseminating information related to ICOPE-SERIES activities. Such publications include the proceedings of the conference, the results of discussion during seminars and the results of research projects.